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What kind of power plug is used to power the LED light?

Our mandirs include a round pin power plug. For all mandirs sold outside India, we include a universal power adapter which works with multiple sockets and is tested against 110-240V power supply. 

Are replacement parts available for the mandir?

Yes we provide replacement parts for an additional charge plus regular ground shipping fees. 

Do you customize mandir builds based on requirements?

Yes. We understand how important it is for you to find a mandir that is best suited for your home. Get in touchwith one of our team members to find out more about our customization process and to get an estimated delivery timeline.

How do I keep the Mandir clean and maintenance free

For cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth or micro fibre cloth with mild cleaning agents and wipe gently on surface with stains. Do not rub or apply acidic agents to clean the surface. All the jali and intricate work is covered with flexi glass hence dust or fume will not settle here. For longer life of the Power Supply and LED, keep the lights off for atleast 2 hours within a 12 hour cycle.


We have introduced a concept of PackSmart, where we assemble everything to a point its safe to transport and flat pack only the pieces which are hard to transport. We offer comprehensive guides to help with each step of the installation. Alternatively we also have videos to guide you through the installation and are going a step further by offering help over video call if you are stuck anywhere during the process.

Is the mandir shipped pre-assembled?

Apart from few small Mandirs, all Mandirs are shipped in flat packed boxes for ultimate safety during transit. We include an easy DIY assemble guide along with every mandir and have online videos available to help you assemble the mandir with ease. 

What tools do I require for the DIY assembly?

The mandir assembly requires the use of an allen wrench (included in the box) and a screw driver (not included in the box). If you decide to wall mount the mandir, you may require additional tools and parts as per your wall specifications and weight of the mandir you purchase.


At The Mandir Store we believe in delivering value to you fast and reliably. We do not drop ship mandirs across international borders. Unless otherwise requested, all shipments are made domestically with due diligence and we share updates with you during every phase.

Where are the mandirs shipped from?

The mandirs are dispatched from the warehouse that is closest to you in the same country of your residence

Which states do you deliver to?

We deliver to all contiguous states in India, United States and parts of Australia

How long will it take for the mandir to arrive?

Once your order is placed, it can take between 5-8 business days based on how far you are located from our nearest warehouse location.

How to Order Mandir for other Countries

You can select the US & Canada Marektplace by navigating to the top right side of the screen and selecting your locations from the Flag Icon. For countries other than India, US and Canada, orders will be accepted over email. For other countries, please place an enquiry to and our team will get back to you with more details regarding the fulfillment.


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